Gel nail polish and manicure course (hands only)

Gel nail polish and manicure course (hands only)- 1/2 day course

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Gel polish (Shellac, Gelish etc) has taken the industry by storm and demand for gel nails is ever increasing.  It’s quick and easy to apply and has a glossy finish that will last up to 2 weeks without chipping.  Gel Polish is perfect for natural nails and for nail extensions.  This course is perfect for both beginners and experienced Nail Technicians.

During the Gel Nail Polish Course you will learn the following:-
•    Preparation of working area
•    Client Consultation
•    Health, safety and hygiene
•    Contra indications
•    Contra actions
•    Manicure of natural nail
•    Use of files and buffers
•    Applying gel polish
•    Use of  UV and led lamps
•    Finishing
•    Importance of manufacturing instructions
•    Understanding different nail shapes·
•    Product removal
•    Home care advice

Qualification: Cardiff Nail and Beauty Training School Certificate

All courses have insurance approved accreditation to enable you to obtain the necessary public liability insurance required to practise as a professional Gel Nail Polish Technician.